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InUni provides digital platforms crafted specifically for cities.
Witness your city come to life in the palm of your hand!

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InUni Launches Regional City - Centric Content Discovery Platform

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The Rise & Changing Landscape of Content Consumption

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InUni, start-up Brings Disruption to Local Digital Consumption

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InUni apps are digital platforms for users to experience their in cities in real-times.

Power to your city!

Every city is a world in its own. InUni apps provide empowering digital experiences handcrafted for each and every city.

Uniquely Local Experiences

Our apps place cities at the epicenter of the epxerience and weave the entire experience around it

All Encompassing

InUni apps incorporate all the relevant sources from News to Personalities and even Official Government Offices.

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Lightweight by Design

InUni apps are highly Mobile optimized to provide seamless on-the-go experiences.

Low Memory Consumption

InUni apps are designed to consume the least possible amount of Memory on Smartphones

Low Data Consumption

Our apps are designed to consume very low amount of Cellular Data while providing users with all their favourite content.

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Responsive Feeds

Our apps are easy to explore as feeds and tabs make finding exciting content super easy.

Simple User Interface

The simplistic design of our Apps make them easy for all types of users.

Super Fast Updates

Our feeds are updated almost every second making sure no big story goes untold to our users.

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To download your city's app go to the App Store and Search: In(Your City Name) for example for Agra you can search: InAgra. What are you waiting for? Go and Download your city's app now!


Want to know more about our Apps? Go through these FAQs to find out.

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  • For who are InUni Apps made?
    InUni city platforms have been created for everyone that is connected to a certain in any shape or form. Either a native, tourist or someone who has moved away from the city can all find exciting things to do on InUni apps.
  • Why InUni apps vs other aggregators?
    InUni apps are different since they incorporate the local sentiments of each city first, and then build the experience from there.
  • How frequently are feeds on InUni apps updated?
    Every second. Milli-second to be more precise. Our platforms are continuously updated around the clock to make sure our users don't miss out on any story.
  • Are InUni apps limited to only city specific content?
    No, InUni apps provide content from all around the world across all categories like News, Entertainment, Sports and Viral Content.
  • Can users submit their own News and Content on InUni apps?
    Yes! InUni is aiming to build city oriented platforms so that UGC (User Generated Content) can provideeven more exciting for everyone!


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